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Sometimes lyrics from a song can stop you in your tracks and make you think.

A couple weeks ago while driving a 35′ RV  through the Redwoods of California I was listening to a little hip hop.

I was listening to a Drake song (HYFR) where he talked about being interviewed. He cleverly rapped about the questions he is asked repeatedly and the answers he gives.

One of the questions and answers that stood out to me was the following…

Q: “What have you learned since getting richer?”

A: I’ve learned that working with the negatives to make better pictures”

One of my favorite things about hip hop is how creative lyricists like Drake can be. I can listen to the same song 100 times and almost each time catch a different string of lyrics that really stops me in my tracks and makes me think.

As was the case with this set of lyrics mentioned above.

I began to think about those lyrics and how they applied to business. [Read More…]


The $1,000 brownie

by seantm


A while back ago my business partner Lewis Howes and I co-hosted an event in San Diego. The emcee of the event asked the audience “Who here has purchased any of Sean & Lewis’ products?” The majority of the crowd had purchased at least one of our products. He asked several people for feedback on their experience with our products…. There were lots of compliments coming out and good feedback, etc. and then the gentleman pictured below stood up and told the story of the $1,000 brownie.

EMCEE: So you have purchased one of Sean and Lewis’ products – what did you think of it?

ATTENDEE: I think it is a great product – but can I talk for a minute about the real reason I even went through the product in the first place? [Read More…]


In August of 2009, I was contacted by a friend on Twitter who wanted to organize a social media webinar. He had been hosting several webinars for business and thought it would be a good opportunity to get our names out there and provide some value.

Our initial ideas were simple. We would teach a lot of cool stuff we knew about Social Media and then offer my Twitter eBook for sale at the end of the webinar for those wanted to learn more. We decided to include my new friend, Lewis Howes, and all three of us were able to promote it using affiliate links and make some money.

Things were going as planned – we all had promoted the event and had 900 sign-ups.  The live webinar went great with more than 500 live attendees.   [Read More…]


I used to receive around 200 DM’s every day. The majority of them were auto DM’s, How to get rid of Twitter Spamspam, unsolicited invites to join a mafia family, slap a trout on someone, play a game, or take a quiz.

Exactly the kinds of productive activities I normally engage in with my free time – NOT. I don’t have anything against these games and I actually think they are great if they help people get more out of Twitter, but plain and simple – I wanted my Direct Message box back, as I began missing valuable DM’s.

I began to click the links and search for opt-out links or instructions and put together a short list of the biggest offenders.
[Read More…]


I  tweeted today that I was knocking out my “To-do” list and @msbillionaire1 responded back with the following tweet

@SeanMalarkey Awesome! I could never finish my lists. Any suggestions or tricks you might wanna share? :-)

Several years ago  I researched a bunch of different methods to “get more done” in a short period of time. I took the best elements from several different systems and created my own. It works well for me.

So I made this quick video to show her and YOU how I get Massive Amounts of Sh*t Done on a daily basis [Read More…]



Break out the haz-mat suit, Twitter just launched a grenade and the debris is flying everywhere. With the announcement of its own Image service this week at the all things D conference, Twitter effectively crushed two of its biggest and brightest third party developers – Twitpic & Yfrog.

You might be thinking ” I like my image service now” and plan on sticking with them, but if my prediction is right, Twitter will force you to change your mind.

Expect photos to be part of your profile. Thats right, just like facebook your profile will soon have photos (expect video to follow) as part of your profile. The only place they will probably be available to view is on Twitter.com




Why are they doing this?

What this means to you:


The death of third party clients?

Consider this the first real shot fired in the war to bring traffic back to Twitter.

This is one of the most important developments in the history of Twitter to bring traffic back to Twitter.  In case you didn’t know only 58% of tweets come from Official twitter apps. That means Twitter has provided this great vehicle and is letting 3rd party developers know they plan on bringing you back to the Twitter website.

By making photos a part of the profile it entices users back to twitter.com which is important if Twitter ever plans on monetizing it’s own property!

I expect photos to be the first of many enhancements used to enhance Twitter and bring the traffic back.

Future Twitter?

Expect Twitter to change a lot in the next year. While I feel the acquisition of Tweetdeck was mainly a play to keep it out of the hands of Ubermedia.

More news

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October 25, 2011

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Warning: Facebook Scam & How To Avoid It

January 4, 2011

How to avoid being scammed on Facebook.

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