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How to get rid of DM spam on Twitter


How to get rid of DM spam on Twitter

by seantm

I used to receive around 200 DM’s every day. The majority of them were auto DM’s, How to get rid of Twitter Spamspam, unsolicited invites to join a mafia family, slap a trout on someone, play a game, or take a quiz.

Exactly the kinds of productive activities I normally engage in with my free time – NOT. I don’t have anything against these games and I actually think they are great if they help people get more out of Twitter, but plain and simple – I wanted my Direct Message box back, as I began missing valuable DM’s.

I began to click the links and search for opt-out links or instructions and put together a short list of the biggest offenders.

In 5 minutes or less you can re-claim your DM box! Here’s how:

Auto DM’s

Most of them plain suck. People have not figured out how to engage people with this opportunity and worse they are being used by spammers to send DM’s for every offer under the sun.

If you want to get rid of automated DM’s its pretty simple. The majority of them come from SocialOOmph.com and here is how you can stop them:

Go to http://twitter.com/optmeout and follow this profile.

Minutes later you will notice they are following you back.

Send a DM to @optmeout – Send anything (I used the DM “abc”)

Go back to http://twitter.com/optmeout and Unfollow and you will receive a DM that looks like this

socialoomph dm opt out

140 games

Home to many of the quizzes, games, and yes, they have their own Mafia game.

Click this link http://lolquiz.com/optout

It will redirect back to Twitter and ask for you to “Allow LOL quiz access”

Click the allow button and your good to go.

Poll Pigeon

Home to many of Twitters top polls and another big offender of the DM box.

Click this link http://pollpigeon.com/optout/

Click the “Don’t send me any Direct Messages” button and you’re good to go.

Twables / FB140

Twables has a bunch of different applications but the most popular and annoying is an app that tells your Facebook Friends you’re on Twitter. When you opt in for this – It sends your followers a Dm that looks like the one below.Stop DM's Direct Message's on Twitter

After some serious digging and stumbling across a cleverly disguised opt out link, I figured this one out and found out how to remove yourself from their list.

http://www.twables.com/opt <—– Click here to opt out of FB/140

In 5 minutes or less you can get rid of 90% of the spam you get now by doing the above steps!


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