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7 Street-Smart Skills They Don’t Teach You In College


7 Street-Smart Skills They Don’t Teach You In College

by seantm

Michael Ellsberg -

A photo I snapped that night in Washington Square Park where we talked about Michaels New Book - The Education of Millionaires


In June this year while visiting Lewis Howes in New York City,  Lewis introduced me to author Michael Ellsberg.

We met at a Cuban night club and spent several hours drinking and dancing to the sounds of one of Cuba’s top bands.

As the evening progressed we made our way to Washington Square Park to wind down the night.

We spent hours talking about life and the mysteries of the universe. At one point the topic of Higher Education came up. This was a natural lead in to Michael’s new book “The Education of Millionaires“.

As both a parent concerned about my children’s education and an entrepreneur who did not graduate from college, it is an interesting topic. I have many friends who are very successful, and the ones who are most successful did not graduate from College. So, naturally, this topic has always fascinated me.

We had a long discussion where Michael shared with me fascinating details of interviews with millionaires and billionaires like the Founder of Napster Sean Parker, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, fashion designer Marc Ecko.

So when Michael launched his new book “The Education of Millionaires”, Lewis lined up a webinar for our audience to hear some of the core principles outlined in the book.

It was a fascinating webinar that got many “This was the best webinar ever” type comments.
Here is a replay of the webinar “The 7 Street-Smart Skills They Don’t Teach You In College” by Michael Ellsberg.

Win a copy of Michaels new book “The Education of Millionaires”:

To win all you have to do is leave a comment below. It’s that simple.

I will pick a winner by Sunday Night and yes the quality of your comment will help!


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